Other conspicuous international design prizes:


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Europe PrizeInternational PrizeSecurity PrizeInterior Prize
Reddots PrizeJunction PrizeLegends PrizeMagazines Prize
Symposium PrizeGraphics PrizeIdea PrizeProduct Prize
Students' PrizeWorld Class PrizeAppliances PrizeArtistic Works Prize
Website PrizeBlue Product PrizeFashion PrizeCulinary Prize
Fashion PrizeGrays PrizeGray Goods PrizeMeta Prize
Recreation PrizeRed Packaging PrizeHouseware PrizeWonderful Prize
Good PrizeArchitectural Design PrizeGreatest Architects PrizeColloquium Prize
Conventions PrizeShortlisted PrizeSummits PrizeCosmetics and Beauty Products Prize
Yellow Goods PrizeBlack Goods PrizeDesign Submissions PrizeDesign Business Prize
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